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Dutch Me Deadly Bonnie of Evidence
A Passport to Peril Mystery
By Maddy Hunter
Midnight Ink
Feb. 2013


Having survived the Dutch trip with only a few bumps and bruises, Emily concocts a marketing scheme to drum up interest in her travel agency's latest tour. Putting a twenty-first century spin on the old practice of scavenger hunting, and promising a free trip to the winner of the contest, Emily and Etienne set out to lead Nana, both Emily's parents, and the rest of the intrepid band of Iowa seniors on a memorable trip through the Scottish highland and islands, treasure hunting along the way.

Cat-fighting and back-stabbing break out almost immediately as a handful of female guests compete for the attention of the tour's most eligible bachelor. When one of the ladies turns up dead, Emily convinces herself there's no reason to suspect foul play. But is she right, or is she deliberately choosing to ignore the animosity the dead woman stirred up when she flouted the rules of the game? Could a legendary blood feud between opposing clan members on the tour have factored into the woman's death? Or did the woman seal her own fate when she stole an ancient relic that's purported to be cursed?


From Edinburgh and Braemar, to Loch Ness and the Orkney Islands, the Iowa gang encounter one crisis after another. When another guest ends up dead, Emily is forced to flirt with the idea that curses can be real - until she learns that certain guests have a lot more to hide than she realized.

As one of the gang is hauled off to jail under a veil of suspicion, Emily rallies the troops to help her track down the real killer, but when the troops begin to mysteriously disappear, she needs to take the high road and the low road to save the next victim from certain death.

"Emily and friends will have to do some fancy footwork if they hope to catch a clever killer in this appealing cozy." Publishers Weekly